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Fix and Flip Loans – HardMoneyMan.com LLC

If you are a real estate investor looking for Fix and Flip Loans look no further. HardMoneyMan.com LLC is the leading Hard Money Fix and Flip Lender funding over 5,000 rehab loans/fix n flip loans in the last 7 years and want to fund your next deal. With our commonsense underwriting and quick closings, you will never look for another lender again after closing your 1st deal with us!!

These loans are made for houses that are in disrepair and are in need of fix up to bring the house to market for resale at a profit. Also commonly known as a renovation loan or loans for fix and flip, these are made to real estate investors, not to homeowners.

70% Rule for flips 

We suggest using this formula when seeing if your deal qualifies as a deal –

ARV x 70% less your rehab budget = your max offer/purchase price

Fix and Flip Loans for beginners are not an issue for us like they are with other lenders. We will lend to first time flippers!!

Submitting your application package is quick and easy.

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Hassle Free Hard Money Fix and Flip Loans

HardMoneyMan.com LLC’s fix and flip program offers up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the renovation costs, not to exceed 75% of the after-repair value. We’re successful because we want our investor partners to be successful. Our goal is to help you make money on your next rehab project.

We have all loan programs for investors ranging from fix & flip loans, ground up spec home funding, 1-2-year refinance take out loans and 30 year landlord loans (5/1 arm, 7/1 arm, 10/1 arm, 30 year fixed). We have been lending to investors since 1998 and provide a quick closing solution to investors across the country.

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Fix and Flip Loan Requirements

Available in 45 States and Washington DC

  • Rates starting from 7.99%
  • Funding up to 90% of Purchase Price
  • Funding 100% of the Rehab Costs
  • 100% Purchase and 100% repairs available for investors with 30+ flips in last 36 months
  • For investors with 5+ flips in last 36 months and 680+ mid credit, 100k budget or less we can now close with a BPO instead of a full appraisal 
  • Maximum loan is 75% of the ARV (completed value)
  • 620+ Mid Credit Score Required
  • Loan Amounts $50K – $7.5M on 1-4 unit residential, Condos and Townhomes
  • No Prepayment penalty
  • Direct Lender
  • Fast Closings
  • Brokers always protected
  • Rural Properties OK at 60-65% of Purchase Price and 100% Repair Cost
  • Lots over 2 acres OK as well (nothing over 10 acres)

For the investor who wants to purchase and renovate an investment property in order to sell it or refinance into a longer-term loan

What are Fix and Flip Loans?

Loans for Fix and Flip are loans made to real estate investors that are in the business of buying, rehabbing and then reselling properties at a profit.

Many times, these rehab loans are made on properties that have fallen into disrepair from the previous homeowner, or that have had fire or flood damage, or are just in desperate need of updating.

Typically, these are short term (12 month) loans for investors that fund not only a percentage of the purchase price, but also up to 100% of the funds needed to rehab the property and bring it to market.

The purchase price plus the rehab cost should not exceed 70% of the completed value to ensure there is enough room in the deal for you to make a profit when flipping the home.

Why Choose Fix and Flip Lending For Your Next Project?

Fix and Flip Lending is a vital tool for real estate investors. It is a loan made by a hard money lender for the investor to buy, fix and sell a house. More recently, many investors have been rehabbing houses and then renting them out to hold as a long term rental.

Banks just do not understand that you can buy a property, put some money into it, and it could be worth a considerable amount more once you do this.

Yes, I know banks have their 203k program, but closings on those are mostly limited to homeowners (this is not an investor product) and typically these are not quick easy closings like hard money loans are.

Not sure which markets you should be looking at (if you fix and flip outside your home market), then this article “where to invest as a fix and flipper in 2022” is a great read for you.

Fix and Flip FAQ’s 

How long will it take to close my Fix and Flip Loan? We can close a fix and flip in as fast as 7-10 days. 

Is an appraisal required for Fix and Flip loans? We do require a full appraisal, including interior access. If this is an auction property and there is no access, contact us!  (you need at least 5+ flips in that market or 10+ overall for our auction with no interior access program)

For your Fix & Flip loans do you verify income? For our Fix and Flip funding we will not ask you to verify your income, this is not a bank loan. 

Do you verify my previous experience? We require an REO Schedule spreadsheet to be filled out with your submission detailing previous flips as well as rentals you currently own. In some cases a purchase and/or sale HUD could be required. 

What fees will I be paying to close? Our fees are 2 points (generally), $1195 processing, $995 closing attorney, plus title, and appraisal (you pay the appraiser directly).

Is a personal guarantee required for fix and flip loans? Yes, a personal guarantee is required for all LLC members that own 20% or more in the borrowing entity.  

Do you lend to individuals? We do not, all loans MUST close with an LLC or Corporation on title. 

Do you work with brokers? Yes, of course, we work with brokers.

Do you have the prepayment penalties? There is no prepayment penalty on our fix and flip loans ever. We want you to get in and out as quickly as possible with no speed bumps.

Do you offer Fix and Flip Loans for 1st time flippers? Yes, we offer fix and flip loans for beginners, new investors are always welcome.  

Are you a direct lender? Yes, we are direct lenders. We do not broker loans out.

Besides Fix and Flips, what other loan programs do you offer?  Ground up construction loans and 30 year rental loan programs for landlords. 

What separates you from the other Fix and Flip Lenders? Being one of the oldest hard money lenders in the country we have vast experience in the market ups and downs, our low rates, second to none customer service, common sense underwriting and fast closings. Just because we are the oldest hard money lender doesn’t make us the best, but being the best kept us around long enough to be the oldest.

Same Day Decisions. 7 Day Closings on your fix and flip.

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