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How is the Charlotte Real Estate Market and should I use Hard Money Lenders Charlotte to invest there?

Charlotte, North Carolina is a great place to invest in real estate. With its vibrant economy and growing population, the city has become an attractive destination for investors looking to capitalize on the real estate market. The Charlotte NC real estate market has been steadily increasing over the past few years, with home prices rising and rental income growth continuing to climb. In 2023, the Charlotte NC real estate market is expected to remain strong, with continued increases in home values and rental income growth. 

The median listing price for homes in Charlotte NC is currently $399000, which is up from $374000 in 2020. This increase indicates that the Charlotte NC real estate market is continuing to grow and attract more buyers. Additionally, rental income growth in Charlotte NC for 2023 is expected to be strong as well. Rental rates have been steadily increasing since 2020 and are projected to continue this trend throughout 2023. This makes investing in rental properties a great option for those looking to capitalize on the Charlotte NC real estate market, and using Hard Money Lenders Charlotte like has been key to helping investors close their deals quickly. 

 Investors who are interested in taking advantage of the Charlotte NC real estate market should consider investing in residential properties such as single-family homes or condos. The easiest way to do this is to use Hard Money Lenders Charlotte to close and fund their deals much quicker than a bank. These types of investments provide investors with steady cash flow while also providing potential appreciation over time. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for investors looking to purchase commercial properties such as office buildings or retail spaces as well. 

Finally, it’s important for investors to do their research before investing in any type of property in Charlotte NC. It’s important to understand the local housing market trends so that you can make informed decisions about where you should invest your money. Additionally, it’s important to consult with a qualified real estate professional who can provide advice on how best to maximize your returns when investing in the Charlotte NC real estate market.



Ken has been a hard money lender for over 25 years. He has funded over 25k deals for investors in that time. Ken specializes in fix and flips, ground up spec construction and 30 year DSCR loans. He is also a real estate investor in NJ and NY.

Private Hard Money Lenders In Charlotte North Carolina, LLC began lending on investment properties to real estate investors in Charlotte in 1998. We have made over 3,000 loans in Charlotte North Carolina since our inception and we pride ourselves on being second to none on knowing our real estate market, in customer service, transparency and terms when it comes to hard money loans. We make loans in all of Charlotte. Our niche are 1-4 unit residential properties that are in need of renovation. We also lend to local builders that are putting up new housing.

Being rehabbers ourselves, this is a huge benefit to our borrowers as we know what challenges many borrowers run into when dealing with lenders and we try to make sure those are avoided at all costs. There are unique opportunities and challenges in Charlotte and its investors are taking advantage and dealing with them of them every day.

Why Charlotte NC is a great place to buy a rental property and use one of our Rental Loans

According to Zillow, rental prices in Charlotte, NC have been steadily increasing since 2020. In 2020, the median rent price was $1450 per month whereas in 2023 the median rent price is expected to be around $1530 per month. This indicates a 5.17% increase in rental prices from 2020 to 2023. 

Additionally, rents for single-family homes are expected to increase by 4.76%, while apartment rents are expected to see an increase of 5.41%. The rise in rental prices can be attributed to a number of factors including population growth and increasing demand for housing as people move into the city or look for rentals due to job relocation or other reasons. Additionally, rising mortgage rates have also contributed to the rise in rental prices as it has become more difficult for many people to purchase a home and therefore they turn towards renting instead.

 Overall, it looks like rental rates will continue to rise throughout 2023 in Charlotte NC, creating attractive investment opportunities for those looking to capitalize on the real estate market in this city

How Real Estate Investors in Charlotte NC are Benefiting from Hard Money Lenders

Hard money lenders Charlotte, NC provide investors with an alternative way to access capital. Hard money lenders are typically private individuals or small companies that offer short-term financing to real estate investors who don’t have the credit or cash flow necessary to qualify for traditional bank loans. The terms of a hard money loan are typically different from those of a traditional bank loan.

Generally, hard money loans require borrowers to put up their property as collateral, and interest rates tend to be higher than those found at banks. However, the benefit of using a hard money lender is that investors can generally get approved for a loan much faster than if they were going through a bank. For investors in Charlotte NC looking for an additional source of capital, hard money lenders Charlotte provide an attractive option.

These lenders offer quick and easy access to the funds necessary to purchase real estate investments, helping them capitalize on the Charlotte NC real estate market while avoiding the long waits associated with traditional lending sources. Additionally, because these types of loans come with higher interest rates and shorter payback periods in exchange for added security, it makes them more attractive than unsecured loans from banks.

Charlotte Fix and Flip Loans

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Charlotte New Construction Loans

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Why should Charlotte NC Real Estate Investors use Hard Money Lenders Charlotte for their fix and flips?

Charlotte, NC investors looking to fix and flip properties should consider using hard money lenders Charlotte for their financing needs. Hard money loans in Charlotte are a great option for those who need fast access to capital and have the ability to repay quickly. Hard money lenders Charlotte, like LLC,  offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and quick turnaround times that make them an ideal choice for real estate investors. One tool that investors find works best for them are Charlotte fix and flip loans.

Hard money lenders Charlotte also provide more lenient qualifications than traditional banks, making it easier for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit or limited assets to obtain financing. Additionally, hard money loans in Charlotte are typically secured by the property being purchased, so they can be used even if the borrower has no other collateral available. This makes them an attractive option for those who may not qualify for traditional bank loans.

Finally, hard money lenders Charlotte often have more experience in the real estate industry than traditional banks and can provide valuable advice on how best to structure a loan or manage a project. This can be especially helpful when it comes to navigating complex regulations or dealing with unexpected issues that arise during the course of a fix and flip project.

Overall, hard money lenders offer Charlotte NC investors a great way to finance their fix and flips quickly and easily while still getting competitive rates and flexible terms.

Hard Money Lenders Charlotte North Carolina – Why Choose Us?


We're in the Business

We’ve rehabbed, sold and rented investment properties ourselves. We know what to look for so you can be confident that your project will result in profit. 


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We consider you our partner and we want you to make money. We make it a point to look at our loans from all angles to make sure you’re going to get a fair return. 

Shaun Dozier
Shaun Dozier
My company has closed over 5 deals with Ken Vesely . He's very knowledgeable and will get it done . Good communication and responsive!
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Demetri Williams
This is the best lender I've used for all my deals. Very fast and efficient. Never any glitch always a smooth sail to closing. Don't waste your time using someone else.
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Dario Olivere
I have closed multiple deals with Ken. He’s to the point, very straight forward and won’t lead you on. He’s helped guide me along the way. I will always recommend him to my friends and I will always use him for my deals.
Tom Tinsey
Tom Tinsey
This was my first time using any type of hard money financing so I had tons of questions along the way. Ken answered every one and even helped me out a lot with great recommendations as far as building my real eatate portfolio. Look forward to working with him on future deals and would recommend. No nonsense. No bs. All buisness!!
Brandi Pernell
Brandi Pernell
The experience my husband’s and my company (Kingdom Realty, LLC) had with, LLC/Ken Vesely was five-star, from our very first interaction to closing. Ken is efficient, responsive, transparent and extremely knowledgeable. He kept his word on all things discussed, with no surprises along the way, which is extremely important with matters such as these. This was Kingdom Realty LLC's first experience with a hard money loan. Ken took the time to answer all of our questions and taught us a lot throughout our loan approval process. We closed our deal in less than 30 days; and would have closed sooner had it not been for the holidays. We are very much looking forward to working with LLC for our next deal, and strongly recommend this company to others looking to invest in real estate, close a deal quickly, and learn some tips along the way.
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez
I have worked with Ken multiple times and every transaction was a breeze if I have to recommend a straight forward Hard Money Lender, Ken is the man to go with
Christina McCann
Christina McCann
Great company great experience
Joe Matthews
Joe Matthews
Dealing with Ken and his team is flawless. The process is very streamline from start to finish with excite communication throughout the process

Charlotte Hard Money Real Estate Market

Foreclosure Rates for Charlotte North Carolina

Investors who want to find deals from foreclosure properties can consider these statistics to understand the Charlotte real estate market for pre-foreclosures, auctions, and bank-owned properties.

As one of the top hard money lenders in Charlotte, we work with investors every day who are looking for foreclosure opportunities. 

Sale Prices in Charlotte North Carolina

Real estate sales in Charlotte still support an active fix/flip market. You want to closely monitor your average days on the market because when you are flipping properties, this is the best indicator of how long it will take you to sell once the property is completed.

As one of the top hard money lenders in Charlotte, we work with investors every day who are looking for flip/rehab opportunities in Charlotte.

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