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What does Hard Money Lenders Florida offer for Real Estate Investors?

Hard money lenders in Florida offer financing options that cater to the specific needs of real estate investors. These lenders specialize in short-term loans that are secured by real estate, making them an ideal choice for various investment scenarios. They offer the following types of loans:

1. Fix and Flip Loans: These loans are designed for investors who purchase distressed properties to renovate and resell. They offer competitive rates and flexible terms, and funding for property acquisition and renovation costs.

2. New Construction Loans: These loans are perfect for ground-up construction projects and offer short-term financing to cover construction expenses. The loan amount is based on the property’s value after completion.

3. Bridge Loans: Bridge loans can bridge the gap between property acquisition and long-term financing. They offer quick approvals and fast funding, and are useful for investors who are transitioning between properties.

4. Rental Property Loans: These loans provide financing for purchasing or refinancing rental properties, including single-family homes, multi-unit properties, and apartment buildings.


Ken has been a hard money lender for over 25 years. He has funded over 25k deals for investors in that time. Ken specializes in fix and flips, ground up spec construction and 30 year DSCR loans. He is also a real estate investor in NJ and NY. Ken has funded over 2500 fix and flips in Florida since 1998.

We Lend in:

Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Port Saint Lucie, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral, Broward County and all cities in Florida

What loan programs does LLC offer as Florida Hard Money Lenders?

  1. Fix and Flip Loans:
    • Loan Term: 12-24 months.
    • Loan Amount: $100,000 to $3 million
    • Loan-to-Value (LTV):
      • Up to 75% of the initial advance
      • Up to 90% total loan-to-cost (LTC) based on the purchase price
    • Rates: Start at 7.99% to 12%
    • We require a minimum of 2 or more new construction deals in the last 36 months for the borrower to qualify.
  2. Construction Loans:
    • Ideal for Ground-Up Projects:
      • Financing for new construction and development.
      • Short-term loans to cover construction expenses.
    • Flexible Terms:
      • Based on the property’s value after completion.
      • Quick approvals and efficient funding.
  3. Rental Property Loans:
    • Loan Types: 5/1 ARM, 7/1 ARM, 10/1 ARM, 30-Year Fixed
    • Loan Amount: $50,000 to $2 million
    • Loan-to-Value (LTV):
      • Up to 80% on purchases
      • Up to 75% on refinances
    • Credit Requirement: 660 mid-credit or better
    • Interest-Only Options Available LLC’s expertise and commitment to real estate investors make them a trusted choice for financing in Florida. 

Florida Fix and Flip Loans

Florida Ground up Spec Construction Loans

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30 Year DSCR Rental Loans in Florida

Florida 5+ unit Apartment Building Lender

What sets LLC apart from other Hard Money Lenders in Florida? LLC is a hard money lender in Florida with over 20 years of experience. They have helped real estate investors nationwide by closing and funding over 7,500 loans totaling over 3 billion dollars, which makes them one of the most experienced lenders in the market.

They offer customized loan programs that cater to specific investor needs, regardless of whether you are a seasoned flipper or a first-time investor. They have an efficient process that ensures timely funding, from intake to underwriting to closing, and in-house construction teams that facilitate seamless draws for construction projects.

Regardless of your location in Florida, LLC is there to help you achieve your funding needs. They have closed over 2,500 hard money loans in Florida since 1998, making them one of the oldest hard money lenders in the country. Clients have commended their services, emphasizing efficiency, transparency, and reliability.

Their commitment to keeping promises and providing valuable insights sets them apart. In summary, LLC’s combination of experience, customized solutions, and efficient processes makes it a premier choice for real estate investors in Florida.

Shaun Dozier
Shaun Dozier
My company has closed over 5 deals with Ken Vesely . He's very knowledgeable and will get it done . Good communication and responsive!
Demetri Williams
Demetri Williams
This is the best lender I've used for all my deals. Very fast and efficient. Never any glitch always a smooth sail to closing. Don't waste your time using someone else.
Dario Olivere
Dario Olivere
I have closed multiple deals with Ken. He’s to the point, very straight forward and won’t lead you on. He’s helped guide me along the way. I will always recommend him to my friends and I will always use him for my deals.
Tom Tinsey
Tom Tinsey
This was my first time using any type of hard money financing so I had tons of questions along the way. Ken answered every one and even helped me out a lot with great recommendations as far as building my real eatate portfolio. Look forward to working with him on future deals and would recommend. No nonsense. No bs. All buisness!!
Brandi Pernell
Brandi Pernell
The experience my husband’s and my company (Kingdom Realty, LLC) had with, LLC/Ken Vesely was five-star, from our very first interaction to closing. Ken is efficient, responsive, transparent and extremely knowledgeable. He kept his word on all things discussed, with no surprises along the way, which is extremely important with matters such as these. This was Kingdom Realty LLC's first experience with a hard money loan. Ken took the time to answer all of our questions and taught us a lot throughout our loan approval process. We closed our deal in less than 30 days; and would have closed sooner had it not been for the holidays. We are very much looking forward to working with LLC for our next deal, and strongly recommend this company to others looking to invest in real estate, close a deal quickly, and learn some tips along the way.
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez
I have worked with Ken multiple times and every transaction was a breeze if I have to recommend a straight forward Hard Money Lender, Ken is the man to go with
Christina McCann
Christina McCann
Great company great experience
Joe Matthews
Joe Matthews
Dealing with Ken and his team is flawless. The process is very streamline from start to finish with excite communication throughout the process

Fast Cash, Smart Investments: Why Real Estate Investors in Florida Turn to Hard Money Lenders Florida LLC

In the dynamic world of real estate investing, time is money. And for savvy investors in Florida, hard money lenders Florida are the secret weapon to acquiring fast cash for smart investment opportunities. Whether it’s fixing and flipping properties or purchasing distressed assets, real estate investors in the Sunshine State are turning to hard money lenders for their financing needs.

What sets hard money lenders apart from traditional banks is their ability to provide quick funding without the hassle of lengthy approval processes and strict credit checks. They understand the urgency of real estate deals and are willing to offer flexible terms and competitive rates to get investors the money they need, when they need it.

Florida, with its fast-growing property market and attractive ROI potential, has become a hotbed for real estate investors. And with hard money lenders Florida stepping in to bridge the funding gap, investors have more opportunities at their fingertips to seize lucrative deals and maximize their returns.

So, if you’re a real estate investor in Florida looking to fast-track your investment goals, it’s time to explore the benefits of partnering with hard money lenders Florida. Unlock the power of fast cash and make smart investments with the help of these lending experts.

The benefits of using hard money lenders Florida for real estate investments

What sets hard money lenders Florida apart from traditional banks is their ability to provide quick funding without the hassle of lengthy approval processes and strict credit checks. They understand the urgency of real estate deals and are willing to offer flexible terms and competitive rates to get investors the money they need, when they need it.

Hard money lenders Florida are primarily focused on the value of the property being used as collateral, rather than the borrower’s creditworthiness. This means that even investors with less-than-perfect credit scores or limited financial history can still qualify for financing. This is especially advantageous for new investors who may not have an extensive track record or established credit profiles.

Another significant benefit of working with hard money lenders Florida is the speed of funding. Traditional banks often take weeks or even months to process loan applications, which can cause investors to miss out on time-sensitive deals. In contrast, hard money lenders Florida can provide funding within days or even hours, allowing investors to seize opportunities as they arise

How hard money loans work

Hard money loans are short-term loans typically used for real estate investments. They are secured by the property itself, meaning that if the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender has the right to seize and sell the property to recoup their investment.

Unlike traditional mortgage loans, hard money loans have a higher interest rate due to the increased risk involved. However, the benefits of speed and flexibility often outweigh the higher costs for real estate investors looking to maximize their returns.

Hard money loans are typically structured as interest-only loans, meaning that borrowers only make monthly interest payments during the loan term. This allows investors to minimize their out-of-pocket expenses and maximize their cash flow while working on their real estate projects.

The criteria for qualifying for a hard money loan

While hard money lenders Florida are more lenient when it comes to credit scores and financial history, they still have certain criteria that borrowers must meet to qualify for a loan.

First and foremost, the property being used as collateral must have sufficient value to secure the loan. Hard money lenders Florida will typically lend up to 70-80% of the property’s after-repair value (ARV). This ensures that there is enough equity in the property to protect the lender’s investment.

Additionally, hard money lenders Florida will consider the borrower’s experience and track record in real estate investing. While new investors can still qualify for loans, having a proven history of successful projects will increase the likelihood of approval and may result in more favorable terms.

Finally, borrowers will need to provide a detailed plan for the property, including a scope of work, timeline, and budget. This demonstrates to the lender that the investor has done their due diligence and has a solid plan for the property’s renovation or development.

Finding the right hard money lender in Florida

In a state as large and diverse as Florida, there are numerous hard money lenders Florida to choose from. However, not all lenders are created equal, and finding the right one can make all the difference in the success of your real estate investments.

When searching for a hard money lender in Florida, it’s essential to consider the lender’s reputation and track record. Look for lenders with positive reviews and testimonials from other investors, as this indicates a history of successful partnerships.

It’s also crucial to evaluate the lender’s expertise and knowledge of the local real estate market. Florida has unique market dynamics, and working with a lender who understands the nuances of the state can provide valuable insights and guidance.

Finally, consider the lender’s terms and rates. While competitive rates are important, it’s also essential to assess the lender’s overall package, including fees, loan terms, and repayment options. A lender who offers flexibility and transparency can greatly enhance your investment experience.

Tips for successful real estate investments using hard money loans

While hard money loans can provide investors with the fast cash they need, it’s essential to approach these investments with a strategic mindset. Here are some tips for success:

1. Do your homework: Thoroughly research the property and the surrounding market before making an investment. Understand the potential risks and rewards associated with the property, and have a clear plan in place for its renovation or development.

2. Work with a team of experts: Surround yourself with a team of professionals, including contractors, real estate agents, and attorneys, who can provide guidance and support throughout the investment process. Their expertise can help you navigate potential pitfalls and maximize your returns.

3. Manage your timeline: Time is of the essence when working with hard money loans. Create a realistic timeline for your project and ensure that you have a plan in place to meet deadlines. Delays can be costly, so prioritize efficient project management.

4. Stay organized: Keep meticulous records of all expenses, invoices, and receipts related to your investment. This will not only help you stay on top of your budget but also provide documentation for future refinancing or sales.

5. Monitor market trends: Stay informed about the local real estate market and adjust your investment strategy accordingly. Market conditions can change rapidly, so it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and adapt as needed.

Case studies: Successful real estate investors in Florida using hard money loans

To illustrate the power of hard money loans in Florida’s real estate market, let’s take a look at two case studies of successful investors:

1. John and Sarah: John and Sarah are a husband-and-wife team who specialize in fixing and flipping properties in Miami. They discovered a distressed property in a desirable neighborhood and quickly realized its potential. With the help of a hard money loan, they were able to acquire the property, renovate it, and sell it for a substantial profit within six months.

2. Mike: Mike is a seasoned investor who focuses on purchasing rental properties in Orlando. He came across a foreclosure property that had significant potential but required extensive repairs. With the assistance of a hard money loan, Mike was able to purchase the property, complete the necessary renovations, and secure long-term tenants. The property now generates a steady stream of rental income, providing Mike with a consistent return on his investment.

These case studies highlight the versatility and effectiveness of hard money loans in different real estate investment strategies. Whether you’re flipping properties or building a rental portfolio, hard money lenders Florida can provide the funding necessary to turn your investment dreams into reality.

The future of hard money lending in Florida

As the real estate market in Florida continues to thrive, the demand for hard money loans is expected to increase. With the flexibility and speed they offer, hard money lenders Florida are well-positioned to meet the financing needs of investors in the state.

However, it’s essential for investors to stay vigilant and ensure they are working with reputable lenders. As the market heats up, unscrupulous lenders may try to take advantage of unsuspecting borrowers. Therefore, conducting thorough due diligence and choosing the right lending partner is crucial for long-term success.

Common misconceptions about hard money lenders

Despite their many benefits, hard money lenders are sometimes misunderstood. Here are a few common misconceptions debunked:

1. They only work with experienced investors: While experience can be an advantage, hard money lenders are open to working with investors of all levels. Even if you’re just starting, there are lenders who are willing to fund your projects based on the property’s potential.

2. They charge exorbitant interest rates: While hard money loans do come with higher interest rates compared to traditional loans, they are not necessarily exorbitant. The rates vary based on factors such as the property’s value, the borrower’s experience, and the overall market conditions.

3. They are only for desperate borrowers: Hard money loans are not a last resort option. They are a strategic financing tool for investors looking to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities. Many successful investors rely on hard money loans to fund their projects and maximize their returns.

Conclusion: Why real estate investors in Florida choose hard money lenders

In the competitive world of real estate investing, speed and flexibility are crucial. Hard money lenders Florida provide real estate investors in Florida with the fast cash they need to seize lucrative opportunities and maximize their returns. With their ability to offer quick funding, flexible terms, and competitive rates, hard money lenders have become an invaluable resource for investors in the Sunshine State.

By partnering with a reputable hard money lender, investors can unlock the power of fast cash and make smart investments in Florida’s fast-growing property market. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, consider exploring the benefits of hard money loans to fast-track your investment goals and achieve success in the dynamic world of real estate.

Florida Real Estate Investing Outlook

In 2023, the Florida real estate market is likely to be an attractive investment option for investors. Investors can select the perfect location for their investments from a variety of cities. The following cities offer great options for those looking to invest in Florida real estate: Orlando, Miami, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Cape Canaveral, Tallahassee, Tampa and Lakeland. The potential returns on investment in each city are unique.

Florida real estate investing can be made easier by following a few tips and tricks. You can maximize returns while minimizing risks by investing in rental properties. Investing in Florida real estate can also be made easier by researching local markets and trends. When looking to get into the Florida real estate market, it is also recommended that you work with experienced agents who specialize in navigating the tricky questions of price vs. location, investment vs. lifestyle.

Investors should also understand the current market conditions before making investments. Market trends and statistics remain crucial to making informed decisions about your investments in 2023 and beyond, despite an exceptional year for investors in 2022. Any investor can succeed when they do some research and prepare properly!


The leading investment property lender in Florida

As the leading Hard Money Lenders Florida, LLC lends to real estate investors throughout the state. Specializing in fix and flip loans as well as rental loans, we have closed over 3,000 hard money loans in Florida since 1998, making us one of the oldest hard money lenders in the country. Regardless of what part of Florida, we are the go-to residential hard money lenders Florida thanks to our ability to close quickly.

We pride ourselves on being second to none in understanding all real estate markets that we lend in and understanding the borrower’s objectives before putting together a loan proposal for them. We offer loan amounts from 50k to 10M.
Our niche is 1-4 unit residential properties that you are either going to fix and flip or buy and hold as a 30 year rental (cash out refinances too!), or ones that you are building (ground up construction). We will look at 5+ unit apartment buildings that are in need of rehab or are stabilized.

It doesn’t matter if this is your 1st investment property, or your 100th, we are here to make loans to borrowers with all kinds of experience, let us show you why we are the market leaders for private lending.

Fix and Flip Loans – Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville

Why as your Hard Money Lenders Florida? 

When real estate investors in Florida are in need of fix and flip loans Florida be it Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville or anywhere in the state, or a rental property loan as well as rental portfolio loans, 5+ unit multifamily bridge and 30-year loans, and ground-up construction loans, it turns out the #1 choice for Hard Money Lenders Florida is LLC.

This is where we separate ourselves from other lenders, we under promise and overdeliver time after time! You speak with a decision-maker on all phone calls and by email (you can even text us too!) not some account executive that is just reading off their product matrix and hoping to fit your loan in their box.

From Jacksonville to the Florida Keys to the Panhandle, LLC has helped real estate investors from new to experienced achieve their investment goals. Regardless of your location in Florida, LLC is there to help you achieve your funding needs.
We can close in as quickly as 7 days on fix and flips and 14 days on 30 year rental loans.

Our quick and efficient process from intake to underwriting to closing, and then draws done in-house with our construction team, make us the market-leading hard money lenders in Florida.

Don’t make the BIG mistake of trusting just any hard money lender in Florida for your deals. LLC is #1 in the industry for hard money loans in Florida for a reason.

We close! It’s that simple.

Florida has some of the hottest real estate investing markets like Orlando, Miami, Tampa, St Pete, Jacksonville, Panama City Beach. LLC has closed loans for rehabs, ground-up construction as well as rentals in all of them!

Contact us today and discover why we are the premier lender for Florida real estate investors.

If your looking to further your real estate investing, need a new partner on your deals, looking for local wholesalers or just to further your education, check out some of the real estate investors association meetings in Florida: 

Greater Orlando REIA 




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We're in the Business

We’ve rehabbed, sold and rented investment properties ourselves. We know what to look for so you can be confident that your project will result in profit. 


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We loan the money. We don’t find the money form someone else. This means you can rest easy knowing that if we approve your loan, it’s going to get funded. No surprises.


We're Fast and Efficient

We can give you preliminary approval in as little as 24 hours and have your loan closed and paid out in less than 7-10 days. We’re one of the most efficient hard money lenders in Florida.


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We consider you our partner and we want you to make money. We make it a point to look at our loans from all angles to make sure you’re going to get a fair return. 

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