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The market leading Hard Money Lenders in NJ and Nationwide

Hard Money Lenders HardMoneyMan.com LLC is a New Jersey based company, making hard money loans to real estate investors nationwide for over 24 years.

With over 20 years’ experience in being hard money lenders and private money lenders, we have closed and funded over 26,000 loans totaling over $3.5 billion in transactions, having made our 1st loan in 1998!

We pride ourselves on knowledge of the industry and speed of closings. Fast Closings, NO BS, shoot from the hip real lender – if this is what your business needs, reach out to us today!

HardMoneyman.com LLC is the #1 rated Nationwide hard money lenders on Hard Money Advisor!



Why use Hardmoneyman.com LLC as your next Hard Money Lenders ? 

Access To Funding

We specialize in providing hard money loans to real estate investors in most states. We can provide the funding you need to succeed in your next fix and flip, 30 year rental loan or ground up construction project.


If we say we’ll close, we ALWAYS close. You don’t have to worry about us disappearing. We are direct hard money lenders, we do not have to shop your deal around for funding.

Fast Processing

We process hard money loans in 24 hours and 95% of our hard money loans close in 7 days or less. We understand for real estate investors that time is money and we take speed very seriously.


Our risk calculations ensure that we end up with a win-win situation on your fix and flip. We want all of our investor partners to profit, and they do!

"My experience with Ken was like a breath of fresh air. I happened to be in the business of buying and selling properties. Ken tells it like it is with no false promises! He is a straight shooter and is extremely capable in the field of finances. Ken is extremely efficient and he will get you to the closing table!"

- Dana Schwartz

"I contacted Ken on a Monday and within about 10 days I had my funding in place. He was very accessible and responded promptly with questions I had about the loan and the process, I could not have been more satisfied with the transaction."

- S Jones

"Getting our fix and flip funded was not an easy task. However, he was patient and knowledgeable, but most of all, he was on the ball! I cannot be more pleased with his high level of energy and persistence to get the job done in spite of the obstacles that came our way. Thank you!"

- Rebekah Converti

Hard Money Lenders FAQ

1.  Are you a direct lender? Yes, we are a direct lender.
2.  Where are you located?  We are based at the Jersey shore
3.  What costs are associated with my hard money loan? You can expect to have to pay for an appraisal, and then at closing you’ll pay points, underwriting, title and attorney fees.
4.  Do you charge borrowers upfront fees for your hard money loans?Never! We do not collect any monies from our borrowers upfront.
You will pay the appraiser directly.
Typically upfront fees are charged by brokers only. If we can’t close your loan we don’t deserve to get paid.
6.  Do you charge application fees? We do NOT charge an application fee.
7.  What types of loans do you make? We make hard money loans on non-owner occupied and investment properties only. We never make loans on houses that our borrower intends to occupy themselves.
8.  What type of properties will you lend on?   
  • 1-4 family, Condos
  • Mixed use
  • Multifamily (5+ unit apartment buildings
  • lots (only if we are lending the lot purchase and ground up construction fund at the same time)
9.  How fast can you close my loan? We can close, fix and flip loans in 7-10 days, rental loans in 15-20 days, and 5+ unit/mixed use in approximately 3 weeks.
10.  Do you lend on the LTV or ARV? We lend based on cost. On a purchase loan we lend a percentage of the purchase price. We DO NOT lend on an ARV basis only.
11.  Can you fund 100% of my deal? We do not lend 100% on purchase money deals, if you own a property free and clear we could lend you 100% of the rehab funds (same if you own a lot free and clear and need money to build a house)
12.  Do you allow 2nd liens on your loans? We do not allow a 2nd lien (or seller financed note) behind our 1st position mortgage.
13.  Minimum FICO score?    Minimum FICO Score of 620 for rental loans, we will go to 600 on fix and flip rehab loans, 680 or better for 5+ unit apartment buildings, ground up construction and mixed use properties.
14. What if I have a criminal background? We do a background check, most issues can be explained with a simple letter of explanation, however financial crimes, federal drug and weapons charges are a big no no.
15.  Who do you lend to? U.S. Citizens, Green card holders and foreign nationals
16.  Do you require a personal guarantee? Yes, we require a personal guarantee on all rehab/construction loans, we can do non-recourse on portfolio loans.
17.  Do you lend to LLCs? Yes, loan to LLCs but with a Personal Guarantee.
18.  Can you lend to individuals? We do not, all loans must close in an entity name.
19.  Do you offer personal loans? No, we do not make personal loans.
20.  Can you lend for ground up construction? Yes, we lend on 1-4 unit ground up construction, however you need to have experience (at least 1 new build and sale/refi) done in the last 36 months.
21.  What information is required for underwriting? Purchase contract (or HUD from the purchase), rehab budget (if this is a fix and flip), bank statements, entity documents, credit report, background report, appraisal (we order the appraisal)
22.  Do you require appraisal? Yes, we can not fund without an appraisal that we have ordered.
23.  Do you lend on commercial properties? We do NOT lend on commercial properties, however we will consider commercial hard money loans in NYC’s 5 boroughs as well as NJ.
24.  Are you a direct hard money lender? Yes, we are a direct hard money lender. We are also private hard money lenders.

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