1. We Have Experience

Hard Money Lenders has been in business for 18 years. We have extensive experience helping builders and building owners maximize the income from their projects and properties. We have successfully financed countless projects over the years, closing over 6000 loans. When you come to us with a project, we know what we are looking at.

2. We Are Quick

When opportunity knocks, it is often of the essence to be able to move quickly. As we all know, banks do not move quickly, especially not these days. We do. Given that we specialize in specific loan types and have years of experience, we can close your loan in record time, often in as little as a week.

3. We Have Reach

Hard Money Lenders is based in New Jersey, but we operate across the eastern states and beyond, including Portland, Miami, St. Louis, Dallas, and other major urban centers. Almost no matter where your project is, chances are that we can help you. If you operate in several cities or states, our reach makes us your obvious go-to for financing.

4. We Are Flexible

Banks have bureaucratic procedures and check-off lists for assessing loans, as well as stringent and limiting ways to assess value. At Hard Money Lenders we actively look for the value in your project and lend based on the real value. For example, our popular fix-and-flip loan can provide you the financing both for the purchase and the renovation of a run-down property, because we take into account the value your work will add to the property.

5. We Want You To Succeed

Your success is our success too. We have successfully financed $800 million worth of projects over the years. We didn’t do it by lending to bad projects. We did it by lending to the winners and working with the leading hard money lenders in New Orleans to make sure their projects succeeded. A big part of that is making sure you have all the money you need to finish the project. Let’s help make you a winner too, give us a call today!