Single Close Rehab or Construction To Permanent 30 Year

Rehab To Long Term Program


Seemless Transaction


Save on Closing Costs

Rehab and Construction to Permanent Loan For Investment Properties

Are you looking to rehab or build a property, and then hold it as a long term rental? If so, we have cut out the middle step of having to refinance it after the rehab or build are completed. This is 1 loan – rehab or construction and then you transition to a permanent 30 year loan with NO 2nd appraisal needed, NO 2nd closing, NO 2nd title fees – 1 closing from rehab to long term rental!

Are you looking to rehab and then rent? This is the perfect loan for you! You’ll save money, time and have the peace of mind of knowing that your long term loan is all set.

Fix & Flip to Permanent 30 Year Loan

Appraisal will have the ARV and we will do a 1007 rental schedule for projected rents. This will give you an idea of  what you’re looking at post transaction. Plus, there’s no AMC appraisal for the rental because we use the same appraiser from the ARV appraisal.

Rehab/Construction Loan to Permanent Loan Highlights

Available in 45 States and Washington DC

  • Rates starting from 8% for experienced investors
  • Funding up to 90% of Purchase Price
  • 100% of Rehab up to 75% ARV
  • Credit requirements – 650+ mid score
  • Experience – MUST have 5+ completed new builds and sales in the last 36 months
  • Minimum $50k lot Purchase price
  • Maximum 2M loan amount
  • No Prepayment penalty
  • Lot size must NOT exceed 2 acres
  • Direct Lender
  • Fast Closings
  • Brokers always protected

Same Day Decisions. 7 Day Closings. 

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