New Jersey And Philadelphia Landlords

The holiday season is upon us, and we are so busy thinking of everyone else, that we tend to neglect our own needs. If you are a landlord in the Philadelphia, or New Jersey area, treat yourself this holiday season. Our 30 year loan program could make the perfect gift for any LLC, or corporation. Allow us the opportunity to make your real estate investment a reality.

Our 30 year loan program is designed with the landlord in mind. Many real estate investors would rather have their investment funded without having a bank involved. We are able to offer this opportunity to corporations that have a credit score of at least 630, and that are interested in an investment of at least 45k, with a 30 year fixed rate. This gift, to the corporation, is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Our program is unlike any other on the market today. Our Rehab to Rental program allows you to roll your loan into a program, as a long term hold. The opportunity to cash out on investment properties is available up to 75%, and you still hold the property long term. The holiday season is upon us, and the time for giving is now. Securing your financial future is not greed, it is merely a necessity of life.

If you still feel somewhat like a scrooge, think of it this way. Your corporation will be helping the economy. Landlords provide shelter, and safety, to their residents. The purchasing of building materials, for repairs, fuels the construction market, and hiring of maintenance men, or contractors, fuels the job market. This gift is the gift that keeps on giving, not only to your corporation, but to families, friends, and the economy as well. Go ahead, treat yourself this holiday season.