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South Jersey hard money loans  | HardMoneyMan.com LLC

If you need money to rehabilitate a commercial property or complete your real estate projects in South Jersey hard money loans are probably the best solution you have. These types of loans give you access to high amounts of money, with considerably simplified bureaucracy and really short approval periods, on the condition that you secure them against a property that is worth at least 30-40 % more than the amount you need to borrow.

As promising as this may sound for someone in desperate need of money, you need to understand that these loans are not a viable solution for homeowners looking for long term financing and they are not similar to payday loans either.

While it is true that you can apply even if you do not have a particularly high credit score or a high source of income, you still need to provide evidence that you have a decent sum of money at your disposal. Moreover, South Jersey hard money loans cannot work as a second mortgage.

The lenders’ main guarantee that they will recover their money with interest is the property you put at stake, so it should be free of debts and supported by clear proof of ownership. Any documents you can bring to support your investment plan will be helpful, as private lenders recognize a profitable investment when they see one, and, if your plan is well structured and realistic, the lenders might overlook other faults.

Potential benefits

Applying for hard money loans can end up being a good investment on your behalf. There are various benefits to these types of loans, such as:

  • Being able to bypass the need to have documentation regarding your income, in case you are self-employed or poor credit score.
  • The ability to have a fast, consistent and stable source of money for your real estate projects without the hassle of traditional mortgage loans.South Jersey hard money loans  | HardMoneyMan.com LLC
  • The opportunity to repay your debts as soon as you sell or rent the property you borrowed the money for in the first place and to forget about them.

For more information on the South Jersey hard money loans terms and conditions, call or email NLDS Corp, one of the most experienced and reliable lenders in the region.