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There are several different types of hard money loans. Many real estate investors prefer using hard money loans these days due to the fact that they can not goto their local bank anymore and get these types of loans funded.  Therefore they have turned to hard money loans. The reason real estate investors prefer the hard money loans are that they allow them the opportunity to buy a property quickly and fix it up for flipping.

If you read on our site, we have some of the easiest hard money loans to obtain! We will get your investment property loans funded through our hard money programs, with no income or credit check. This will minimize the paperwork and speed up the process. Our loans can close in as quick as 7 days in NYC.

Get your Hard Money NY in as 7 days from NLDS Corp

For all of our 1-4 unit, 5+ unit and mixed use hard money loans we do require the borrower to have skin (money) in our hard money loans. Most lenders will also want to see that the borrower has reserve money sitting somewhere in a bank account.  The credit rating of the borrower has little influence in the consideration of loan approval but other factors about the cash on hand and the property potential is far more important to the lender. Each lender will have their own specific requirements for issuing funding but most will be more concerned with loan to value, borrowers experience, cash in the deal from the borrower and the potential of the project.

Hard money loans are very easy to obtain, not as the name of the product suggests. We will fund your hard money projects in 7-15  days if they fit into our hard money programs.  If you are looking for NY hard Money or hard money anywhere, apply below and we will get right back to you.

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