NJ -LBI Construction loan closed

Ship Bottom, NJ –  Hard Money Lenders NJ NLDS Corp

NJ - LBI Construction Loan

NJ Hard Money Construction Loans 1-4 unit investment properties call 516-526-8445

415k lot purchase price

265k Construction of new home cost

1.050M final value

500k loan

265k plus closing costs in from the borrower

Closed and funded in 10 days.

14% and 6 points

(7th LBI construction loan we have done for this borrower in last 12 months)

If you are doing ground up construction on 1-4 unit properties in NJ, we want to see your deal!! Submit your application on our site for all of you NJ Construction Loan requests.  NLDS Corp Hard Money Lenders NJ provides loans to real estate investors, rehabbers, builders and commercial property owners in all of NJ.

Hard Money Lenders NJ Loan programs

– Purchase money from 50k loan amount and up (65% of purchase price)

– Cash out loans at 50% of value (50k minimum LOAN amount)

– Rehab loans up to 60% of the completed (ARV) value (75k MINIMUM purchase price)

– Construction loans up to 60% of the completed value on 1-4 unit investment properties for experienced builders

– Commercial purchases at 65% of the purchase price (35% down)

– Cash out on commercial properties (50k minimum loan amount) at 50% of the value of the property