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Hard money lenders in NY are easy to find if you know where to look for them. As a rule of thumb you should not wait until the last minute to begin searching but rather have a list of potential lenders in front of you at all times; then you will only need to update the information you have already located on those lenders. There are several different ways you can go about finding a hard money lender for your current project.

Talk to Your Bank

One of the most natural places to look for hard money lenders in New York is to speak with the bank where you have your business checking account. Not only is it more convenient, but also your personal bank is more likely to understand your needs and have the resources available to help finance your project. While not only banks are in the habit of handling hard money loans, it is certainly the natural place to search before you begin seeking out other sources. We all know banks are a dead end these days when it comes to financing rehab projects and for quick closings on commercial properties.

Online Sources

Another place to search for a hard money lender in NY is on the Internet. Even though you are probably interested in finding a local hard money lender, the Internet is a good place to begin searching. With so many companies today offering their services online, you can save a great deal of time and transportation expenses by at least conducting a preliminary search online. An online search will at help you develop a list of hard money lenders in NY so you can begin making arrangements to visit those lenders in order to determine the one that is willing and able to meet your needs.

Personal Referrals

Like anything else, one of the best ways to locate hard money lenders in New York is by speaking with business associates who may have used this source of financing. Others who have used a particular hard money lender in New York can provide you with some personal insight. While different situations will breed a different handling of a situation, you can at least gain some knowledge about a particular hard money lender to perhaps ascertain in advance whether you feel you would be able to work with that lender.

Take Time Making a Decision

Next to researching, making a decision about   hard money lenders in New York is important. Do not rush into making a decision but take the time to analyze and evaluate both your needs and what the lenders are willing to provide. You don’t want to sacrifice your ability to complete your project, so don’t settle for anything less than you need. The only time you should even consider a compromise is when you have been unable to find a hard money lender that is interested in funding your project to the extent of your needs.

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