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Gold captivates a wide number of investors due to its fine qualities, enhanced level ofpurity, little depreciation, precious attributes and skyrocketing price. Nowadays there is apersistent increase in the prices of gold as the gold bull market is on an ascendant path.

By bull market it is understood the concept of economic flourishing and high rates ofstocks within the stock market. The concept of bull market can be successfully applied also to gold commodities.

Picture the gold hike price as a powerful and raging bull whose target is located onlyforward and never back. This metaphor can help you understand the mechanisms of thegold bull market. Unlike the concept of bear market that stands for economic depression,very low values of stocks on the stock market and a lower number of market investors,the bull market is all about a flourishing path of stocks and economic growth. Applied to gold, the gold bull market can be explained by a series of factors that maintain a sustained and consistent increase of gold prices.

First, the rising inflation all around the world determines a price increase in gold. It is awell-known fact that gold is associated with economic fluctuations. The increase of gold prices these days must not be attributed solely to the falling values of strong currenciesworldwide.

However, when these currencies drop, the trust of investors in it drops as welland they orientate on other investment commodities such as gold in all its lucrative variants: gold bullions, gold coins, gold bars or gold funds. They buy gold as to compensate theirlack of faith in paper-money. This is definitely a good time to buy gold as the gold market does not give signs of slowing down or setting back.

Another factor that preserves the ascendant course of gold prices is the one that manyinvestors buy gold even in moments when they do not actually need it. They are filledwith a euphoric state caused by the attractive gold prices and buy gold before actuallyneeding it. This excessive demand can do only nice things for the gold prices and gold market.

Another element that can depict the rising path of gold prices is the fact that, due to alarge demand, the gold supplies seem to deplete thus enhancing the interest and zeal ofthe investors to buy gold quickly and under the form of large varieties of goldcommodities. The gold bull market is a reflection of a strong and thriving economy and ahigh level of confidence of investors in gold as a terrific asset for their investment portfolio.

Investors actually buy gold to reflect their trust in the prosperity of this fascinatingprecious metal and to have a sense of security that paper-money or stocks cannot providethat well; by choosing to buy gold, investors are no longer forced to check obsessively their investment portfolio with varying stocks and currency experiencing suddendecrease. You can say that investors spare themselves of a feeling an unwanted panicattack in front of abrupt decreases and devaluations. That is why they buy gold to havethe certainty that “the mighty bull” will guide them to the road of economic and financial wellbeing!