You can’t deal with loans in the Lone Star State without taking time to address hard money lenders in Dallas and Texas’ other major metropolitan areas. Conventional lending has bottle-necked for the “average consumer” in this post-recessionary era.

If you can answer “Yes!” to one or more of the following questions, hard money lending may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Do you have little or no credit history?

Do you have bruised or battered credit?

Do you have a history of defaults, evictions, repossessions or foreclosures?

Do you need terms that require little to no down payments?

Do you need fast approvals and fast processing?

When individuals are looking for funding and financing far too many people give up on their dreams and simply throw in the towel when traditional or conventional methods slam the door in their face. Furthermore, hard money lenders are more like a “real” person and less like an entity or corporation.

The people who are providing the money for the loans can decide to say yes for a host of personal reasons that banks simply don’t care about. If your dream is contagious or you can show that finding the financing for your next big idea is something that can catch on and take the world by storm, hard money lenders can get excited enough about it to help you make it happen.

You can further strengthen your chances of getting an approval by taking the time and effort to share that you care about your investment.

This means going the extra mile and mentioning any additional auto insurance coverages or other rainy-day measures that you will take to insure that, no matter what, you have your new property, vehicle or idea protected against every eventuality.