California is where people go to get famous and make their dreams come true. Unfortunately, in tough economic times big dreams can be difficult to fund. The good news is that guys and gals with specific insight about hard money lenders in California can know where to go when the banks say, “No!”

The Big Benefits of Hard Money Loans

Most hard money loans are secured by a piece of real property (like a vehicle, a house, intellectual property, patents, etc.) which can immediately set to rest the illogical fear that all hard money lenders are knee-breakers.

The truth is that all lenders are more interested in making interest than they are collecting on defaulted loans. Aside from the fact that hard money has gained a great deal of credibility and consumers are more educated about what hard money lending entails, there are plenty of other benefits for those borrowing hard money funds.

Bad or no credit is no problem.

Down payments can be considerably smaller.

Approvals come faster.

Processing is completed more quickly.

Once the property has been acquired through a hard money loan, the borrower can turn to traditional banks and financing options for the long-term.

When Banks Say No, We Say “Let’s Go!”

Hard money lenders in California are just like hard money lenders across the nation; they put purchasing power in the hands of those that conventional financing options neglect and ignore.

Just be sure that the property in question is covered with insurance coverage that will cover all of your bases in the event of a disaster or an Act of God so that your hard money lending experience is a win/win situation in any eventuality.