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hard money lender NY has the best that a financer could hope for. Located right at the commercial centre of the nation, the state lures thousands of citizens to relocate here annually with the hope of earning big money. The rich economy of New York and the largest Stock Exchange in the world together has led to making the state a fertile ground for investors and businesses large and small. The enterprising citizens consistently seek hard money loans to invest in many of their ventures. Dozens of residential and commercial properties are obliged to foreclose or declare bankruptcy. In such traumatic situations, people make a bee-line for the geared up hard money lender NY.

Bad credit, history of bankruptcy or foreclosure, present income, occupation or any tainting circumstances have no negating consequences on the acquiescence of the prospective borrower. The hard money lending programs in New York are specifically designed to cater to people running against time. A hard money lender NY promises to close the deals speedily and asks for very little documentation or unnecessary paperwork that seem to take ages in the case of traditional lending organizations. Undoubtedly their rate of interest is higher than normal, ranging between 10% and 18% and has a Loan to Value of 60% ratio of the collateralized property.

A hard money lender NY grants loan for short terms but is more than eager to lend a lenient hand while dealing with defaulters. They help the borrower(s) to tide over the distraught interim period between the times the money is urgently required till a longer term financing is arranged for. All non-bankable transactions are taken care of by the private hard money lenders. Besides the speed and ease, lenders come up with innovative and attractive schemes like cross-collateralization, 100% financing, the ability to use non tangible assets as collateral etc. from time to time to entice borrowers. The solution to every problem related to funds can be customized as per the need of the client. Nobody is turned away. Every customer is made to feel important as he is singled out. These lenders are equipped to handle mortgages in a network across the nation.