The Hard Money Lender NLDS Corp has had many years of successful operations, enabling ambitious real estate developers and even people getting their first taste of “flipping” residential home for profit a great start in building wealth. We’re proud of the friends and clients that we’ve made over the years, and we get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that many of our most successful clients owe their business careers to us taking a chance on a promising project that a traditional bank turned down.

We know that banks are more risk averse, and we respect the reasons for that. But a good deal often can’t wait, and we’ve been very fortunate in having enterprising business people come to us with good deals that have resulted in very successful real estate projects once we provided the loan that let them move forward.

This success has allowed us to move into many other parts of America to offer our services, but that doesn’t mean that we’re in every state. America is a huge country, and while we’ve had the good fortune to establish a presence in over half the states in the union, that doesn’t mean we’re everywhere.

Doing Your Homework

We do our best work in cities with an active construction and residential/commercial real estate sector. Cities like Chicago, Seattle, Providence and many others have benefited in the past from our expertise. At present, we’re doing a lot of good work in the new Jersey area, and we’ve made a lot of progress in Philadelphia as the property sectors in these areas enjoy an uptick in activity and more people seize good property opportunities and turn them to their advantage.

If you’re interested in using our services, just look up the hard money loans your interested in and see whether or not we service the state that you’re living and working in. If we do, let’s talk, and see how a hard money or bridge loan can get you started on a new real estate venture.