If you have some extra cash and want to make it work for you, trust deed investing may be for you. Trust deed investing allows you to invest in real estate with minimal risk and maximum return. All with perfect security and without the hassles of having to manage the real estate or a portfolio. If you are not familiar with trust deed investing, here are the basic facts:

1. Great Returns

The stock market is fickle. Even with a balanced portfolio, your returns can be modest and unpredictable. With a trust deed investment, you know exactly what the return will be for the duration of the note, and the returns are generally high, much better than on most stocks and bonds. It is similar to a high-return bond, where the rate never changes.

2. Security

A trust deed investment is made at a fixed rate. This means that for the duration of the note, you will make the same return year in and year out. No wondering about the market moving up and down, no last minute bond sales, before the rates go south. You know exactly what you are invested in, and you hold the first lien on the property. This means that you have absolutely minimal risk.

3. Low Entry Point

You can get started in trust deed investing with as little as $25,000. This is another way that it is a great way to take advantage of the real estate market. If you were to buy a house or building for investment, you would need a much bigger initial outlay usually. With trust deed investing you can take advantage of great returns and great security, without making a large initial investment.

As you can see, a trust deed investment can make you a great, stable, and secure return on your investment, and you don’t need a large investment to get started. Hard Money Lenders is a leading purveyor of trust deed investments, so if you are ready to reap the returns, get in touch with us to discuss it.