Water Heaters Can Cause Massive Damage

Water heaters are often kept out of sight, and out of mind. Many home flippers have experienced nightmare scenarios when it comes to the water heater, but some have yet to run across such a challenge. There are certain aspects of the water heater that need to be maintained, which will help reduce your chances of becoming flooded out.

Not all accidents can be prevented, such as a hole in the tank of the water heater. However, by installing a water detection device, flippers can catch problems when they are smaller, before they become massive. Many residents have converted over to tankless water heaters, which reduce the chances of larger damage being done. Wood floors, drywall, and carpets are all safer without 40 gallons of water resting above them. So, a water detection device could be the difference between $40 and $4000.

Pressure Relief Valves

A pressure relief valve is located on the tank of most heaters, and directly below the tankless water heater. These valves should be replaced once yearly, as they relieve pressure in the tank if the water becomes too hot. Explosions have occurred due to faulty pressure relief valves, so having them checked is of the utmost importance.

A plumber may dip into your budget slightly, but the amount of damage that can be caused by a faulty pressure relief valve can be catastrophic. Many water heaters are connected with flexible water lines. Depending on your state, these could be copper, braided stainless steel, and in some instances hard pipe. The flexible lines have rubber washers in them, which wear out over time. Leaks have been known to start around these connectors, and if they break, you have a wide open water line wherever the water heater is located.

Because We Care

We close quickly on our loans, provide these tips, and make your experience convenient because we care. We know that flipping homes is never easy work, so making your experience obtaining funds pleasurable is our job. We have helped corporations, in many states throughout our great nation, obtain the funds to go vertical with a project, and we can help you too.

Water heater problems can dismantle a project quickly, so be prepared. Take the proper steps to make sure that your investment is protected, and don’t wait until it is too late. Make the water heater one of the top points of emphasis on your flip.