Despite the rather ominous name “hard money loan,” this type of financing is neither shady, nor is it mysterious. Like any loan that you would get from an ordinary bank, there’s an application process, an evaluation, and, if everything is in order, an approval with a schedule defined for repayment. All of this is 100% on the table, legal, legitimate and you can show the documents to any bank or lawyer with no issues whatsoever.

This is important to note, because for some people that are unfamiliar with hard money loans and the systems of regulation, they believe that because this is not bank endorsed financing, the companies issuing these loans may be less scrupulous. They worry about unpleasant surprises, like hidden charges, unexpected fees and other unethical practices. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your Success Is Our Success understands that when we help our clients to grow and prosper, not only have we done a morally good thing in giving someone an opportunity to realize their potential, we’ve done some smart business by providing good service to a client that is now more successful than before who, if they want to get more financing, will remember us.

Hard money loans are not fly-by-night operations that rely on ignorance and conning people out of their money. The goal is to help people grow their finances in ways the bank might not be ready to do yet. This means we approach every client and loan honestly, up front, with clear goals and milestones. There will never be a time where a term, condition or contractual clause “snuck up on you,” because we deliberately failed to mention it as a means of trapping you into giving up more money.

A hard money loan is about providing an alternative form of financing, but our dedication to customer service and honest business is 100% old fashioned.