The Dream

For many people, becoming a landlord is a dream. Owning property, being able to make decisions about that property, and earning a comfortable living by means of renting property. Our rehab to rental program has made many dreams come true, for landlords throughout the United States. Closing times vary between 15-20 days, and the loan term is for 30 years. If that is not enough to entice you, we also have rates starting at 7.5%, and fixed rates. These items can make the transition into becoming a landlord much easier.

Money can often be the main problem for landlords, which is why a fixed rate, at 30 years is of the utmost importance. This allows landlords to plan their future accordingly, and does not provide unexpected surprises. Our associates are knowledgeable in all aspects of our hard money loan programs, and they can help you obtain the funds you need.

Being A Landlord Can Be Stressful, Obtaining Funds Should Not

Stressful situations can occur for landlords such as stopped up sewer lines, broken water mains, or simply upkeep. Having the funds available to keep your rental in the best shape is of the utmost importance to you, and us. Our application process is simple, our closings are fast, and our rates are amazing. Therefore, making the transition to landlord has never been easier.

Landlords from Dallas, Providence, and Miami have all prospered with our help in obtaining funds to go vertical with their project. The chances are that we can help you as well. Funding is almost always the largest contributing factor for individuals deciding to become a landlord. If the funds are not available, their dreams often become shattered. However, we have been helping landlords obtain funds for years, and through hard work and dedication, we will continue to do it for many more.