There is not a sector of industry that has been unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In new home construction, the reality of the current health crisis may actually spur innovative changes in design that will allow for a new, healthier way of living. While some of these ideas are still in the early phases, it is important for new home builders and contractors to offer germ minimizing options for future home owners.

Fixtures That Are Hands Free

More options for hands free fixtures are being seen on the market now that people are becoming more aware of how germs spread around our homes. Innovative motion sensitive features are finding their way into doors, toilets, and even household appliances. Home builders can provide a range of options from which buyers can choose or simply instal these amenities as standard in their projects.

Reduction Of Open Floorplans

While the last decade home buyers have been seeking open floor plans, it seems that there may be a change on the horizon. Big open spaces may still find their way into new homes, but the importance of doors and areas that can be closed off is taking root. Home owners will want more of a choice as to how they can control the spaces in their home to meet their needs, providing private spaces is something all builders should consider in design.

Package Acceptance Areas

Accepting packages and delivers has become an anxiety producing prospect for everyone today. Changing how we interact with this process can reduce stress as well as health risks. Providing drop boxes for packages to be placed and disposal bin areas where packaging can be discarded prior to entering the home can give home owners more control over how they receive deliveries.

Dedicated Work And Education Spaces

We all remember the era of the desks / built in book cases of a few decades ago. It appears that it is time to consider designing dedicated work spaces for people working from home and children who are learning in on-line classes. Private areas that are equipped with adequate technology, lighting, and storage are among the most requested components in new home building today.

Planning For Change

As home builders navigate the new terrain of the post COVID-19 future, success will be determined by the ability to provide innovative germ minimizing and healthy living options. Thinking ahead to what types of construction design will allow homeowners more control over spaces and more areas that are designated for special uses will allow home builders to offer desirable and competitive plans.

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