Foundation Problems, Or Something Else

Any home flipping corporation knows the value of having a solid foundation on which to build. Cracks in the drywall could mean any number of things. It could simply be a matter of needing new drywall compound, tape, and paint, or it could be something capable of collapsing your whole project. Often, cracking drywall can be a direct result of problems with the foundation.

Any time a slab foundation is involved, repairs can become costly in a hurry. Repairmen either have to tunnel underneath the slab, or break into the slab by means of a jack hammer, or concrete saw. After the repair has been made, only half of the battle is complete. New concrete may have to be poured, and the dirt that was taken out, has to be put back in. It has to be done correctly so that future foundation problems do not occur.

The problem may even become more extensive once the repairmen find the problem. If the cause of the foundation shifting is a cracked sewer line, the entire line may need to be replaced. This causes more damage to occur, just to fix the plumbing. More dirt will have to be brought in to replace dirt that washed away down the sewer line, and new foundation pillars may need to be poured.

We’ve Got You Covered

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