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Hard Money Lenders Illinois and their Ability to Help in Real Estate Investing | HardMoneyMan.com LLC

trustworthy people who can help you fund your investments in real estate, then hard money lenders Illinois are among the few people whom you can approach. These lenders typically structure their offered loans basing on the property that serve as collateral and a percentage of its quick-sale cost. This percentage is known as LTV ratio or loan to value ratio which is usually around sixty to seventy percent of the property’s market value. To gain a better understanding about the loan to value ratio, you should remember that the term value used in it is defined as the property’s present purchase price.

This value is the reasonable amount which hard money lenders Illinois can expect to receive after selling the property in case of the default of borrowers. This is also beneficial in case they are required to sell the collateral within a period of one to four months. Presently, hard money is widely known in Canada and various US states. The loan they provide can also be used in commercial real estate which is considered to be a solution for property owners who are in search of capital based on the total cost or value of their total holdings.

The basis used by hard money lenders Illinois in making hard money loans is a security interest on the presented property. This gives them the chance to be in the first lien position. The good news is that an alternative solution to the possibility of equity shortage beneath the minimum LTV guidelines of lender is now presented and this is called cross lien on the properties of borrowers. This ensures borrowers that they will never face difficulty completely eliminating their obligation. Cross collateralization or cross lien is normally used for real estate investors who decide to take advantage of commercial hard money loan programs.

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