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Our borrower submitted their construction loan request on May 4, 2015 and closed yesterday afternoon May 12, 2015. She is purchasing the property for 395k and putting 367k in to expand the property from just over 2500 sq ft to 4100 sq ft.  After having appraisal issues, as it seems that in Dallas there was no one that could turn the appraisal around in less than 17 days, we were able to work a deal with an appraiser for a quicker turn time. With the contract expiring yesterday, time was of the essence here.

Here were the numbers on this loan

ARV based on appraisal  $1,060,000

Purchase price $395,000

Construction Escrow $367,000

Origination fee $27,468 (rolled into the loan and paid on the back end)

Loan to After Repair Value 60.18%

Total loan amount (including origination fee) $637,868

Cash from borrower at closing $152,600

Monthly Payment $6,378.68

This represents an expected 170% return on her cash investment in the deal (269k profit / 152.6k cash in the deal)

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dallas-construction-loan-original-1st floor | HardMoneyMan.com LLC

Original 1st floor plans


dallas-construction-loan-proposed-1st-floor | HardMoneyMan.com LLC

Proposed 1st floor plans