Shingles Are Only Half The Battle

Flippers often face impossible odds. Unexpected expenses that occur, can wreak havoc on a project quickly. Cracks in the foundation, faulty plumbing under the slab, and even rotten decking on the roof are all possible game changing situations. Just because shingles have been replaced, and they look pretty, does not mean the wood underneath is in impeccable shape.

Perhaps the property is located in Philadelphia, and the area had been under a dry spell. No visible leaks were apparent, and the initial inspection was good. Then a snow storm hits, causing weak spots in the roof to become noticeably visible, and water begins to leak through the ceiling. Are you prepared for such an occasion? Your business would not be the first to be caught off guard by the situation, and certainly will not be the last.

We Can Help You Be Prepared

Having the funding that you need, at your disposal, in a quick and timely manner, is a priority. A new roof can be costly, time consuming, and devastating to a project, if one is not properly prepared. Fortunately, we are here to help your organization. If you own a business, within Philadelphia, some of our loans that are available to you are…

  • Rehab Loans ARV
  • Ground Up Construction Loans
  • 30 Year Fixed Landlord Loans

Keeping a project moving forward can prove to be a daunting task. Money should not be the reason that your business is suffering. Do not let those cracked pieces of plywood sink your project. Be prepared for such a set-back, and know that your monetary needs are handled. By choosing us to fund your project, you get quick answers, easier closings, and a reputable source on your side. Philadelphia flippers are perfect candidates for our services, but our reach is nationwide, in a variety of different areas. Flippers, let us help you be prepared for that roofing emergency.