While it’s always important to bring the interior of your rehab project up to code and in line with the latest in local fashions, you also need to make sure you devote some time and money to improving the property’s curb appeal, the view which interested buyers and renters will get as they park in front of the building and walk up to the entrance. You only get to make one first impression, after all, and that first look can affect buyers in ways that even they don’t fully realize.

However, while curb appeal is important, it’s also unlikely to add much to the intrinsic value of a property, and as such it’s not something you should spend a lot of money on. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can improve a property’s appearance without racking up the costs.

Mow The Lawn

It really is that simple. Long grass is a common sign of neglect, and as such it can send the wrong signal to a buyer no matter how well kept the building itself is. While you’re at it, you should also make sure the hedges, bushes, and trees are all looking perfect and well cared for.

Fill The Garden

Adding a new garden may not be a good return on investment depending on the size and soil conditions, but at the same time you can’t allow any existing gardens to grow wild or stick out as barren plots of dirt. Your best bet is to speak with a gardening expert to find out which ornamental plants survive best in the local climate without much tending so that you can concentrate on other things without having to hire a gardening service.

Power Wash The Walls

A fresh coat of paint is all well and good, but often enough the only thing the old paint needs is a good scrub in order to look as good as new.

Reseal The Drive

Not every kind of pavement demands a coat of sealant, but it can be surprising just how appealing a fresh coat of black tar looks on the driveways and parking spaces of a property with the right kind.

Using curb appeal to attract buyers can feel like an underhanded way to manipulate buyers, but it really isn’t when you consider how common and inexpensive it is to improve a property’s beauty. Not only can everyone who’s selling or renting a property do it, but you’re effectively allowing buyers to judge the property on its real merits rather than on a negative judgement buyers don’t even realize they make.