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Thinking about Trust Deed Investing ? Many people dont know about trust deed investing. What a lot of real estate investors dont know is that being a private lender is an easy way to get into real estate. We are one of the market leaders in trust deed lending.

Is the uncertainty of the stock market keeping you on edge? Not sure what oil and gold prices will do to the economy? How about the falling dollar?

We offer trust deed investments, just like a fixed income product , such as bonds. But the difference is when you become a private money lender you receive the interest income throughout the loan and you get repaid in full when the note matures. There are many private lenders that are getting as much as 15% interest on their funds on a yearly basis.

In these trust deed investments your interest rate is fixed, not like in bonds. So if you make a loan at x% that is what you will receive in interest payments for the year on a monthly basis.

Basic outline of Trust Deed Investing

We offer full transparency on what you are investing in.
We offer some of the best rates of returns for these in the country
Earn HIGH rate of return
Safe, Secured, backed by 1st position lien only
Use your self directed IRA or Cash on hand
Receive monthly interest payments on your investment
Investments as low as $25,000
Your investment will be secured by first position mortgage on title to the subject property. You will hold the 1st mortgage (lien on title)  in your name. We will provide a full file including a property valuation report prior to your funding the loan.
Please complete the application below if you have interest in becoming a lender.
 If your looking to become a private money lender, and want to get into real estate, this is another avenue for you to consider. With trust deed investing you can get into the real estate market with as little as $25,000.
 If you have questions or funds to lend, please complete the application to the right. We ALWAYS have loans in need of funding. We can also get you in touch with some of our private investors working with us if you have questions about the quality of our deals.
Contact us as 516 526 8445 or for more information or with any questions you have in regards to Trust Deed Investing.

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