Proof of funds Letter

Proof of Funds Letter

 If you need a POF letter right away

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If you need a Proof of Funds Letter to make offers on properties, please complete the quick application on the right and we will get right back to you. These days many realtors will not allow you to make offers without a POF. We will make your end easier providing a POF letter in your name or your companies name within 30 minutes of application (during normal business hours). We want you to make offers and get those properties under contract.

Your POF Letter will be personalized and signed by us in PDF format. It will have the amount that we are willing to lend you on there so the seller knows that you have the funds available to close the purchase loan in a timely manner. Once we issue the letter, you will be in our system, and if the seller calls to verify we will let them know the funds are set aside for your transaction.

Being able to show proof to the seller will allow you to get more properties under contract in a timely manner. We will let the seller know that it is in his best interest to get the property under contract with you as we are awaiting the executed approved contract in order to start the loan process.

If you are not currently a borrower with NLDS Corp, there is a one-time $225 processing fee for the proof of funds letter.  However, once this fee is paid you are entitled to unlimited proof of funds requests. If for some reason you don’t get your first or second bid, we will be happy to continue issuing proof of fund letters as you continue your search for the perfect investment property. In addition, should you move forward with the project and choose to close a loan with us, the fee will be credited back to you on the HUD at closing.

If you already have a property under contract and are in need of funding, please click the loan application tab on top and submit your loan request.

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Sample Proof of Funds Letter
Sample Proof of Funds Letter