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30 Year Private Money Loans

Rehab To Rental Program


Perfect private money loan for landlords


Designed for investors looking for a 30 year product

Long Term Private Money Loan For Investment Properties

The Rehab to Rent Loan Program has been designed for those investors looking for a 30 year product to hold their investment properties long term without going to a bank. This is the perfect loan for landlords. If you are looking for blanket loans, look no further!

Are you looking to rehab and then rent? Use our ARV Fix and Flip loan product and then roll your loan into this program as a long term hold.

Submitting your application package is quick and easy.

Long Term 30 Year Landlord Loans

This is unlike any other soft money program on the market today. Closing times in as little as 15 days, credit scores from 650 and up and loan amounts from 75k and up. Plus, a 30 year fixed rate makes this program ideal for investors.

If your looking for a 30 year product with a 5 year arm, ask about our rates! Starting at 4.95% – 8% on a fully amortizing 30 year loan. This is for 1-4 unit residential properties only.

30 Year Loan Highlights 

  • Rates from 4.95%
  • 650+ Mid Credit Score required
  • Property Types – Single Family, 2-4 unit, Condos, Townhouses
  • Closings in 10-15 days
  • Approvals in 30 minutes
  • Lot size must be 2 acres or less
  • Available in 45 states + Washington DC
  • Single properties or portfolio loans available
  • Bank Statements only – No borrower DTI requirements
  • Non Owner-Occupied properties only (no homeowner loans)
  • 1.1 DSCR Requirement
  • Seasoning requirement 90 days when there is existing debt on the property (otherwise 180 days)

Same Day Decisions. 7 Day Closings. 

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